Outstanding Paper Awards Announced

The winners of the RTAS 2022 Outstanding Paper Awards are:

  • FlyOS: Integrated Modular Avionics for Autonomous Multicopters
    Anam Farrukh, Richard West
  • Partial-Order Reduction for Schedule-Abstraction-based Response-Time Analyses of Non-Preemptive Tasks
    Sayra Ranjha, Geoffrey Nelissen, Mitra Nasri
  • Self-Cueing Real-Time Attention Scheduling in Criticality-Aware Visual Machine Perception
    Shengzhong Liu, Xinzhe Fu, Maggie Wigness, Philip David, Shuochao Yao, Lui Sha, Tarek Abdelzaher

Congratulations to all authors for their fantastic work! These papers form a shortlist for the best paper and best student paper awards, which will be announced during the ‘TCRTS/RTAS Awards’ session on May 5.

See the conference program for further details on the presentation times of these outstanding papers as well as other excellent papers in the program.

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