RTAS 2022

Accepted BP Papers

Brief Industry Paper: The Necessity of Adaptive Data Fusion in Infrastructure-Augmented Autonomous Driving SystemS. Liu; J. Wang; Z. Wang; B. Yu; w. hu; Y. Liu; J. Tang; S. Song; C. Liu; Y. Hu
Demo Abstract: Open RT-WiFi Platform on Software-Defined RadioZ. Yun; P. Wu; S. Zhou; A. Mok; M. Nixon; S. Han
Work in Progress: Exploring Schedule-Based Side-Channels in TrustZone-Enabled Real-Time SystemsM. Aguida; M. Hasan
Brief Industry Paper: Enabling Level-4 Autonomous Driving on a Single $1k Off-the-Shelf CardH. Sung; Y. Xu; J. Guan; W. Niu; B. Ren; Y. Wang; S. Liu; X. Shen
Work in Progress: Automatic Construction of Pipeline Datapaths from High-Level HDL CodeS. Bensaid; M. Asavoae; F. Thabet; M. Jan
Work in Progress: KDBench: towards open source benchmarks for measurement-based multicore WCET estimatorsM. Khazen; K. Zagalo; H. Clarke; M. Mezouak; Y. Abdedda├»m; A. Bar-Hen; S. Amor; R. Bennour; A. Gogonel; K. Kougblenou; Y. Sorel; L. Cucu-Grosjean
Work In Progress: A solution based on Dynamic User Equilibrium toward the Selfless Traffic Routing modelT. Carroll; A. Cheng; G. Dai
Work in Progress: Automatic Response-Time Analysis for Arbitrary Real-Time Linux WorkloadsM. Perronet; M. Maida; C. Courtaud; B. Brandenburg