RTAS 2022

Organization Committee

General Chair:
Nan Guan, City University of Hong Kong

Program and Track 1 Chair:
Heechul Yun, University of Kansas

Track 2 Chair:
Cong Liu, University of Texas at Dallas

Track 1 Deputy Chair:
Florian Brandner, Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Track 2 Deputy Chair:
Mitra Nasri, Eindhoven University of Technology

Brief Presentation Chairs:
Alessandro Papadopoulos, Mälardalen University
Angeliki Kritikakou, University of Rennes 1

Publicity Chairs:
Christian Dietrich, Technical University Hamburg
Hoon Sung Chwa, DGIST
Jing Li, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Artifact Evaluation Chair:
Renato Mancuso, Boston University

Publication Chair:
Geoffrey Nelissen, Eindhoven University of Technology

Web Chair:
Tianyu Zhang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University